Visual Basic for DOS?

From: Bob Withers <>
Date: Tue Feb 3 12:29:05 1998

There actually was a Visual Basic for DOS product. It was very much like
Visual Basic V1 execpt that everything was in character mode. It supported
menus, listboxes, comboboxes, and like like without graphics.


At 04:56 PM 2/1/98 -0800, you wrote:
>There was a Microsoft QuickBasic for DOS. I believe it got up to at
>least version 4.0. I used it long ago on a project or two.
>You probably can find a cheap (~$20?) copy of this at some used software
>store, like Half Price Software.
>Max Eskin wrote:
>> It is my understanding that there was once a (Microsoft?) Visual Basic
>> for DOS. Was it like VB for Windows, and was it any better than QBasic?
>> If someone has a copy, could they let me (ahem) borrow it?
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