CGA Modes (Wuz: Win 3.0)

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Date: Mon Feb 2 11:33:28 1998

>>Is it some kind of "Super CGA" that wasn't really supported by anyone?
> I know some game companies "tweaked" certain memory registers or something
> so that standard CGA could do 320x200x16 colors, but as far as I'm aware,
> there was only 320x200x4 and 640x400x2 for CGA, 640x400x16 for EGA, and of
> course 320x200x256 for MCGA. (The latter was what my Compact IBM PS/2 Mac
> wannabe had)

I never heard of 320 x 200 x 16 for the CGA - I seem to remember 160 x
200 x 16 - surely it would not have had the memory for the other?

The CGA never did 640 x 400 x 2 that I ever heard of - I assume that was
a typing error for 640 x 200 x 2.

The EGA did 640 x 200 x 16 on a CGA monitor, 640 x [was it 400 or was it
350] x [a number of colours dependent on the memory installed] on an EGA
monitor, and even did 640 x 350 x 3 (I think) on an MDA monitor.

I also once saw a demonstration on a CGA card that changed colours in
real time faster than the scan rate and so gave more colours than you'd

But I digress. What was the question again? :-)

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