rescue old cassette data

From: John Foust <>
Date: Mon Feb 2 12:04:44 1998

Tim Shoppa <> wrote:
>OK, I'll build a web site this weekend that describes the Kansas-city
>and Tarbell standards. Will this be useful?

Yes, that would be great. I haven't gotten around to digging through
my old Kilobauds yet. Which other formats should I research?

I remember CUTS, but someone else mentioned 88-ACR and I'd never
heard of that. I'm sure Bell 103 is quite simple. Then there's
all the other cassette formats: CBM PET, VIC-20, C-64, Sinclair, etc.

>If you wanted to make some digitized fragments available, I'd gladly
>make some guesses as to the format.

You can still recognize them "by ear"? :-)

- John
Jefferson Computer Museum <>
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