Fairchild Channel F

From: Benjamin M Coakley <COAKLEY_at_AC.GRIN.EDU>
Date: Mon Feb 2 13:16:35 1998

> >I found a Channel F on saturday. I'm having some problem with it:

> What is a channel F, some kind of game machine like an Atari? There is
> (was?) a Fairchild game machine in a trift store here. I don't remember
> the name but I don't think it was channel F.

The Fairchild Channel F is an old video games console - I believe it
predates the original Atari VCS by a few months. They're regarded as
pretty neat finds these days.

To the original poster - you may have better luck asking on the classic
videogames mailing list (classic-videogames_at_moose.webworks.ca) or if you
have usenet access, on rec.games.video.classic.

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