TRW Acquisitions, VCF

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Mon Feb 2 14:36:49 1998

< I had forgotten that I have a pile of VT 320s, will they work?

ANY vtXXX. A VT320 is ok too. It only has to be RS232 or 20ms interface
and not blockmode. Most of the latter terminals only do rs232/rs423
and 20ma was TTY or DECwriters.

< Sounds like just picking up old software is a waste of time and money.
<It's to be exactly right for the system that it's going on.

Pretty much the case back then or you had to know it was hackable.

< I wondered about using the drives out of an old Osborne model OCC 1 th
<I have.

They may work muost just pull the 360k drives from an XT.

< You're right. I have manuals for NS* CPM, CPM assembler, CPM
<interface, etc. I haven't had time to read all this stuff yet. I'm gla
<you told me that CPM will run on an 8080. I've seen some very old CPM
<stuff but I didn't think I could use it. But there is a chance.

It was never a question. I've been running CPM for 21 years and also
have a NS* horizon thats now 20 years old.

< Actually now that I know what I'm looking for, my NS* CPM manual says
<16K of Ram with an origin of 2000 Hex. I have a bunch of NS* manuals, I

V2.x and later it had to be 20k so that is v1.4 (likely from lifeboat

<like to find the NS* software that goes with them. BTW the NS* CPM book
<says that the NS* board is supposed to have a PROM on it that contains th

I did say it had a minimal boot.

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