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From: Uncle Roger <>
Date: Mon Feb 2 18:09:51 1998

I've started scanning photos of my collection, and want to build the web
pages for each machine. Unfortunately, I don't know everything about all
of them; so I'm asking for help. Here are the machines I've scanned so far:

Altima 2
Apple Macintosh Portable
Atari Portfolio
Data General One
Epson HX-20 Laptop
Grid GridCase3
Hewlett-Packard Vectra LS/12
IBM PC Radio
NEC PC8401A "Starlet"
Radio Shack Model 100.

I'm looking for any info, specs, anecdotes, whatever you might know of
regarding these machines. Specifically, the specs I want to list (and I'm
open for suggestions on other info) include:

{mfr} Manufacturer
{location} Mfr's Location
{model} Model Number
{processor} CPU used
{opsys} Operating System(s)
{bits-int} bits, internal to CPU (ex: 8088 = 16b internal)
{bits-data} bits, external to cpu (ex: 8088 = 8b databus)
{ram-min} Minimum RAM
{ram-max} Maximum RAM (per Mfr)
{rom} Amount of ROM
{input} Type of input devices
{display} Display size/type
{stor-cas} Cassette Storage
{stor-fdd} Floppy Drives
{stor-hdd} Hard Drive
{expansion} Expansion Capabilities
{intro} Year introduced
{discon} Year discontinued
{cost} Intro price
{size} Physical Size
{weight} Weight
{power-volt} Power Supply Voltage
{power-conn} PS Type of connector
{power-polar} PS connector polarity
{notes} Other info

If you know of any online resources, please forward the URL's as well.


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