Info wanted (lots)

From: John Rollins <>
Date: Mon Feb 2 21:20:07 1998

Here's the info, I'm CC'ing this to the list in case anyone else is interested.
>Apple Macintosh Portable
>{mfr} Apple Computer
>{location} Cupertino, CA
>{model} I dunno...
>{processor} Motorola 68000 _at_ 16MHz
>{opsys} MacOS
>{bits-int} 16
>{bits-data} 16
>{ram-min} 1MB
>{ram-max} 8MB
>{rom} 256K
>{input} ADB keyboard & trackball built-in, ADB port for other devices
>{display} B&W LCD, later models had backlight
>{stor-cas} nope, unless you count SCSI tape backups
>{stor-fdd} one 3.5" 1.44MB Apple SuperDrive
>{stor-hdd} SCSI
>{expansion} SCSI port, two serial ports(modem & printer), stereo 8bit
>sound, ADB port
>{intro} Sep 1989, backlit version Feb 1991
>{discon} I dunno...
>{cost} I dunno...
>{size} A bit on the large side, even compared to laptops of th
>era. Maybe 1/4 the size of a Compaq Portable.
>{weight} I dunno... Probably in the 15-25lbs range.
>{power-volt} I dunno...
>{power-conn} I dunno...
>{power-polar} I dunno...
>{notes} Cool machines, I want one! It's just that people want a
>lot of money for their old Macs.. They just don't want to let go...
I don't have any idea about the other computers.
>If you know of any online resources, please forward the URL's as well.

-JR - Computers - Star Trek
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