CGA Modes (Wuz: Win 3.0)

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Mon Feb 2 23:06:35 1998

>>Is it some kind of "Super CGA" that wasn't really supported by anyo
> >
> > I know some game companies "tweaked" certain memory registers or so
> > so that standard CGA could do 320x200x16 colors, but as far as I'm
> I never heard of 320 x 200 x 16 for the CGA - I seem to remember 160
> 200 x 16 - surely it would not have had the memory for the other?

I have an ATI Graphics Solution board that does:

40x25 character
80x25 character
320x200 color graphics
640x200 color/graphics
600/200 b/w modes
plantronics color/graphics
ati 640x200x16 color graphics
    640x200x4 color
    320x200x16 color
132x25 color text mode
IBM mono (MDA)
Hercules graphics mode
132x25 mono
132x44 mono

Off hand the 6845 could likely be programmed for other more odd modes.

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