VAXStation 2000 start-up questions

From: Roger Ivie <>
Date: Tue Feb 3 10:13:59 1998

> <just typing a B to the prompt would do it, or B <bootstrap device> such
> <as
> <B CSA0 ,,, Allison'd probably know better on this...
> You have three bootable devices...
> B DUA0 *RD5x in the box, never seen one external but it can be done.
> B MUA0 or 7 *tk50 tape I forget the device number as it's slow.
> B XQA0 *boot via eithernet. It was possible to run them diskless.
> B does the default device first (dua0) then tape then eithernet.

That's B ESA0 for the Ethernet. But if he can't type, he can't enter any of
those commands. I don't know what the various failure modes of an LK201
look like (none of mine have failed), so I can't say offhand what's wrong
with the keyboard. I would first try swapping it (since I have plenty of
them lying around) and, failing that, going for a serial console.

Also, the ? on 7 indicates some sort of problem with the disk controller.

Roger Ivie
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