VAXStation 2000 start-up questions

From: Roger Ivie <>
Date: Tue Feb 3 10:17:03 1998

>It was thus said that the Great Allison J Parent once stated:
>> <just typing a B to the prompt would do it, or B <bootstrap device> such
>> <as
>> <B CSA0 ,,, Allison'd probably know better on this...
>> You have three bootable devices...
>> B DUA0 *RD5x in the box, never seen one external but it can be done.
>> B MUA0 or 7 *tk50 tape I forget the device number as it's slow.
>> B XQA0 *boot via eithernet. It was possible to run them diskless.
>> B does the default device first (dua0) then tape then eithernet.
> Does this also apply to the uVAX 2000 (or are they in fact the same
>thing?) Also, do you have the specs about the boot protocol over the

It does, assuming you use the right device name for the Ethernet.

There is a MOP demon for Linux that some NetBSD folks have used to boot a
2000 diskless; you could look into that for info about the boot protocol.

Roger Ivie
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