CGA Modes (Wuz: Win 3.0)

From: David C. Jenner <>
Date: Tue Feb 3 11:54:19 1998

I have an IBM "Professional Graphics Display" monitor. Unfortunately,
it is in storage and I can't get at the exact model number right now.

The question is: will it work with 640x480x16 VGA? I once plugged it
into such an adapter and it looked like it worked except for a
wrap-around at one side. Was this just evidence of a needed adjustment,
or is it an incompatibility?

The monitor was a freebee, so I was just hoping I could use it for
simple VGA.

Dave wrote:
> I forget who wrote half of this, but here goes:
> > Isn't PGA Pin-Grid-Array? (It's probably wrong, but hay....)
> [...]
> > You sure this isn't PGA?
> PGA = Professional Graphics Adapter, as Kip Crosby so rightly pointed
> out. When I was at IBM this was called PGC (C = Controller).
> FWIW, the PGC was three circuit boards bolted together, the two outer
> ones going into adjacent slots of an XT motherboard. It had an 8088 as
> graphics coprocessor, and did 640 x 480 x loads of colours.
> But back to the original question,
> > I'm sure my 3270pc handles a "better" quality CGA. It just looks like
> > EGA, thought it was... It was running a version of Norton Utes and it
> > was just beautiful turquoise blue set and clear characters.
> >
> > I'd have to think this was better than CGA, especially since it took two
> > coupled long cards to run the video...
> >
> > -Mike
> No, it isn't PGA. (Although most of the chips on the cards are likely
> to be PGAs, in IBM custom metal cans, as I recall...)
> The IBM 5272, the 3270PC display, was a very nice monitor. I don't know
> the pixel resolution, but I'd guess at 800 x 400. Unfortunately, AFAIK,
> it only did 8 colours.
> The 3270PC display card did TEXT MODES ONLY - it was aimed at emulating
> the 3279 terminal. You could buy two add-on cards for it that went in
> the slots either side in the motherboard.
> 1. The PS card. This provided emulation of the Programmed Symbols
> option on the 3279. Very nice graphics, but only as a terminal, not as
> a PC (although presumably you could have written PC drivers for it...)
> 2. The APA card. This provided support of the All Points Addressable
> modes of the CGA. These CGA modes were displayed in the top lefthand
> corner of the screen. And the only 8 colours reduced the capability
> somewhat as well.
> It looked very good, but AFAIK IBM never supported it properly. Pity.
> Later IBM released the 5370 series machines. These included the
> 3270PC/G and the 3270PC/GX. These had full graphics capability, the G
> on a monitor the same size as the 5272 (but with I think more colours);
> the GX had a graphics coprocessor (5378) in a box the size of a PS/2
> model 30 and a 19 inch monitor (5379) with lots of pixels (1280 x 1024 I
> think, but could have been only 1024 x 768) and I don't know how many
> colours (but might have been 64).
> But your description of the 3270PC sounds like you've got only one of PS
> and APA, alas.
> Hope this helps
> Philip.
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