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From: will emerson <>
Date: Tue Feb 3 21:02:42 1998

Don't know if this is any help, but, D.G.'s phone listing, in Westborough Ma. is
508.898.5000 Hope this is of some use.....


Captain Napalm wrote:

> (Man, is it weird to be using a 2400 modem to reply to this. "Why are you
> using a 2400 modem?" you might ask. Good question. Answer: bad weather
> (rain and lots of it) and crummy phone lines. I felt it was easier to hook
> up the 2400 than to figure out how to reset my 28.8 not to attempt to
> connect at 28.8 ... man have I gotten spoiled 8-)
> It was thus said that the Great Uncle Roger once stated:
> >
> > I've started scanning photos of my collection, and want to build the web
> > pages for each machine. Unfortunately, I don't know everything about all
> > of them; so I'm asking for help. Here are the machines I've scanned so far:
> >
> > Data General One
> >
> Hmm, seeing how I have one of these, plus the programmer's manual and some
> of the add ons. A nice machine and one of the best keyboards ever (IMNSHO)
> on a portable/laptop.
> > I'm looking for any info, specs, anecdotes, whatever you might know of
> > regarding these machines. Specifically, the specs I want to list (and I'm
> > open for suggestions on other info) include:
> >
> {mfr} Data General
> {location} Mass. if I remember correctly. Or at least their main HQ
> {model} 2217A
> {processor} 4Mhz 80C88
> {opsys} MS-DOS 2.1, CP/M-86 (version unknown)
> {bits-int} 16b
> {bits-data} 8b
> {ram-min} 128Kb (48Kb reserved for display)
> {ram-max} 512Kb (internal, 48Kb for display, 464Kb for program/data,
> external, an additional 364Kb is possible)
> {rom} 32Kb
> {input} keyboard, serial port, floppy (2 3.5" internal, external
> drives possible with expansion port), expansion port (opt)
> 300b internal modem (opt)
> {display} 640x256 LCD display, non-back lit (compatible with CGA)
> {stor-cas} none (or N/A)
> {stor-fdd} up to 2 internal 3.5", external with expansion port
> (5.25" available from DG, not sure about 3.5" external)
> {stor-hdd} none (at least to my knowledge)
> {expansion} external bus adaptor (external floppy adaptor uses this)
> {intro} 1984
> {discon} unknown
> {cost} unknown (but I can get the info - it made the cover of Byte
> in 1984 when introduced)
> {size} 11.25" x 13.5" x 3" (when folded)
> {weight} unknown (but it's hefty)
> {power-volt} 30W +5.8v DC
> {power-conn} proprietary (unknown)
> {power-polar} unknown
> {notes} Two serial ports are built in, the primary is RS-232C/RS-422
> and contains modem control lines. The secondary is only
> RS-232C with no modem control lines (primary use of the
> secondary port is for serial printers). Both are driven
> by 82C51 USART controllers and are NOT PC compatible
> (bummer for an MS-DOS machine).
> RAM is 64K-bit CMOS static RAM (speed unspecified in the
> docs I have) and is not preserved when shut down. When all
> internal memory options have been installed, user has 464Kb
> to work with. An additional 368Kb (for a total of 832Kb,
> although MS-DOS would only use 704Kb) can be added via the
> external IO bus, although I know of no product that does
> this.
> The LCD display is both MDA (mono-chrome) and CGA compatible
> and 48Kb of RAM is set aside for use by the LCD display
> (including 12Kb for a RAM based font).
> -spc (What I want to know is if battery packs are still available. I'd
> like to be able to use this without having to plug it in)
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