PS/1 How Much?

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Date: Wed Feb 4 14:11:06 1998

> Dan:
> I was more concerned about clarifying the PS/1 as EISA. I must admit I
> didn't know ANY PS/2s had (E)ISA. That's really interesting...

Oh really?

There is none such as *EISA* made BY IBM ever. Group of 7 snubbed
IBM royalies nearly 10 yr ago required if other clone makers wants
MCA and made Extended ISA standard instead. Not quite caught on
either. Pretty good in servers but everything have changed since
now. PCI is good bus and other one that works well is MCA.
VLB appeared then vanished in short years because it was a just
hardware kluge.

Therefore no EISA in IBM machines. Only Either MCA, ISA and few
valuepoints used VLB and newer machines used PCI.

Far as I know for certain.

Jason D.

Pero, Jason D.
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