PS/1 How Much?

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Date: Wed Feb 4 14:30:04 1998

> > And, no memory parity at all!
> LARGE deal. PeeCees never could do memory error control properly!
Not usually. I have seen few good designed machines go kooky when it
finds out holding the non-parity memories even same to ones with
user-selectable parity selection.

Tis' true if you meant ECC parity but this is really OVERKILL in
consumer machines that we're using. My machine is happily running
for years on non-parity as long as the memory are top quality kind
and cover by life-time warrenty if possible. Mac are doing that for
years ever since first Apple II all the way to today's Mac PCI's.

If some is very nervous expect to PAY MUCHO more and find some
machines that is "1 or 2 steps out of date" designed for error-free
operation used in server-level type. Far as I know you will not see
that in consumer kind, find them in high-end motherboards in excess
of $300 and up. Asus makes superb boards including dual and
singles both equipped with either parity or ECC parity. No way with
SuperMicro consistently used wasted space and long trace runs Yuk!,
Tyan could not make a good boards that works with every parts even
iteslf and likes to crash out so often and others far as I know.

Jason D.

> William Donzelli
Pero, Jason D.
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