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Date: Wed Feb 4 14:41:18 1998

> On Wed, 4 Feb 1998 wrote:
> > Therefore no EISA in IBM machines. Only Either MCA, ISA and few
> > valuepoints used VLB and newer machines used PCI.
> >
> > Far as I know for certain.
> Prepare to stand corrected. (:
> My primary PC uses an EISA/PCI dual pentium motherboard, OEMed by
> Micronics for IBM. The Micronics part number was M55Pe; the board has an
> IBM FRU number and even has a nifty full screen 640x400x16 VGA splash
> screen at bootup (right after the video card splash) that says "IBM PC
> Server".
> Nice board. A bit dated, now, but nice all the same.

Great, but this is NOT IBM's make in a sense, this is brought and
resold with VAR added to it inside a IBM made case but all hard
drives, floppy drives, cables, etc etc are not IBM's. What guys
meant were IBM did not make their own boards with EISA on it. Few
days ago we saw the new machine badged IBM but inside is nary
"typical IBM's touches inside" board was made by Aceropen using ALi
chipset, no Triton chipset thro. On this we tried a presumed
correct by "ibm vague user manual" (!!) using quality DIMM along with
that 16mb DIMM on board, no go. :(

So I would call this non-ibm motherboard based ibm branded machines
as HIBM (Half IBM).

Jason D.

Snipped about tandy machine.
Pero, Jason D.
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