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From: Philip.Belben_at_powertech.co.uk <(Philip.Belben_at_powertech.co.uk)>
Date: Thu Feb 5 08:19:56 1998

I had a trip down memory lane yesterday - I cleared a path to the filing
cabinet and got out my old IBM glossy leaflets. As well as things like
"IBM 3090 - the Base for Growth into the Nineties" I found a couple of
things on the 9370 series. I also found some stuff on PC graphics
platforms and 3270PCs (of which more in my next).

> At 12:30 03-02-98 -0500, William Donzelli <william_at_ans.net> wrote:
>>Just because the sticker says 30 amps does not mean it will draw that
>>much! In general, those ratings are worst case (a fully blown system), and
>>includes some safety factor (as well as some surge).
> Oh I already knew that, William. A 30A breaker works out fine to handle the
> six 9332 DASD units (IBM's accronym for these type of hard disks for some
> of you other observers), 9345 tape drive, rack power controllers and the
> 9370-60 CPU.

Ah. A 9375. Despite my joke and William's response, a 9375 model 60
has the highest power consumption of any in my catalogue, at 1.8kW -
enough to heat a room, if not a house.

(FWIW DASD = Direct Access Storage Device)

If you are interested in operating systems, those listed for the model
60 were:

IX/370 (The AIX you were asking about)
MVS (which won't run on the 9373 (model 20) or model 40.)

There were also integrated packages carrying their own environment based
on VM, which was then called VM/IS

> Can't recall exactly, but total draw was about 11 to 12 amps or so when I

Sounds about right. 11A at 230V is 2.5 kVA, which will do 1.8kW at 0.7 power
factor (typical for a rectified mains power supply) with ease.

Still dumped alotta heat! :-) We got cheap electricity in this town. $0.036
per KWH vs. about $0.08 or more per KWH outside of the area.

Even $0.08 is less than we pay (typically $0.11). But we can get dual
tariff systems which charge us the same peak rate and less than half
that off-peak for heating etc. But I digress.

Can't wait to work more with the system later this year if the wife has no
additional remodeling in the new house for me to do :-(

Have fun!

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