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From: Christian Fandt <cfandt_at_servtech.com>
Date: Thu Feb 5 15:52:21 1998

At 14:19 05-02-98 +0000, Philip.Belben_at_powertech.co.uk wrote:

>I had a trip down memory lane yesterday - I cleared a path to the filing
>cabinet and got out my old IBM glossy leaflets. As well as things like
>"IBM 3090 - the Base for Growth into the Nineties" I found a couple of
>things on the 9370 series. I also found some stuff on PC graphics
>platforms and 3270PCs (of which more in my next).
>> At 12:30 03-02-98 -0500, William Donzelli <william_at_ans.net> wrote:
>>>Just because the sticker says 30 amps does not mean it will draw that
>>>much! In general, those ratings are worst case (a fully blown system), and
>>>includes some safety factor (as well as some surge).
>> Oh I already knew that, William. A 30A breaker works out fine to handle
>> six 9332 DASD units (IBM's accronym for these type of hard disks for some
>> of you other observers), 9345 tape drive, rack power controllers and the
>> 9370-60 CPU.
>Ah. A 9375. Despite my joke and William's response, a 9375 model 60
>has the highest power consumption of any in my catalogue, at 1.8kW -
>enough to heat a room, if not a house.

Yep. Just the 9375-60 Processor Unit weighs-in at 290 pounds (132 Kilos) !
(My memory failed and I called it a 9370-60) The unit is about 27 or 28
inches tall, about 27" deep and fits in the 19" rack width. What a hogger
to move. Two large fans in the power supply move a bunch of air thru the P.
S. sections and circuit board rack. Only two or three additional circuit
boards added over the base model. 18 total, IIRC.

I just found within a paper archive on my desk (aka: a pile) that the 9370
was announced in October 1986: "Four models of new midrange S/370 CPU's.
0.5 to 2.5 MIPS." My company got this unit (likely the first one of the
production machines) in mid to late '87.

>(FWIW DASD = Direct Access Storage Device)
>If you are interested in operating systems, those listed for the model
>60 were:
>IX/370 (The AIX you were asking about)
>MVS (which won't run on the 9373 (model 20) or model 40.)

Yes, I am interested in OS's for this iron. VSE/SP was running on it before
system shutdown in mid-'96. Don't know what version though. Gotta get past
that place where IPL stopped to see an opening screen.

I could not take the 3174-1R Communications controller and all 20 of the
3191 Display Stations. No space!!! Kept 2 3191's. I suspect the machine is
looking for the 3174, cannot find it and then halts during IPL with a
message that I cannot recall now. The Processor Console is actually an IBM
PS/2 model 30 (the bottom-of-the-PS/2-line 8086 machine). Hard disk is
possibly getting flaky and I need to find a replacement or simply try to
run the 9370 Processor Console software on a different PC. Microcode was
loaded into the 9375 from the Console machine's hard disk during IPL.

The _huge_ 3262 printer weighed over 500 pounds (227 kilos) so that was a
definite no-no to drag home :-(

I need any VSE/SP OS manuals that can support me! But I want to keep an
eye open for IX/370 and any documentation which I previously heard of being
available. Is it true what I heard that IX/370 runs on top of VM/SP??? If
true and I can find IX/370, then that would for sure mean I try to obtain
VM/SP and documentation for this machine too.

In addition, any other literature, brochures, advertising, etc. which are
related to the 9370 systems I would be interested in obtaining to help
further document them. Anybody have anything they're willing to part with
out there?

>There were also integrated packages carrying their own environment based
>on VM, which was then called VM/IS

>>Can't wait to work more with the system later this year if the wife has no
>>additional remodeling in the new house for me to do :-(

>Have fun!

Planning on it, Philip! I would be able to keep the list informed of my
progress with getting the system completely up and running if any interest.
This is especially true if list members help me out through the list. Could
be informative for a few others like I've been pleasantly informed. While
I was watching past threads in which list members helped get other folks
through startup questions/problems on DEC machines, etc., I learned a few
things which is rather satisfying.

Regards, Chris
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