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From: William Donzelli <william_at_ans.net>
Date: Thu Feb 5 16:07:44 1998

> Certainly more _fun_ than some of the films that have been released for
> sure! The wife will not agree though. But if one of us had a large old
> S/360 or S/370 in our basements, the power consumption would financially
> kill us (because of the water chillers for cooling, current consumption of
> older technology electronics, etc.)

Well, just do not run it around the clock.

> I'd love to even _see_ a large S/360
> and all its utilities.

I would be happy with a small S/360 or S/370. They could be run (and fit)
in a basement or garage.

> Only one 8 Meg board installed. Maximum, IIRC, was 16 Mb storage. DASD was
> probably used as workstation storage. Philip, can you confirm any of this
> from your sales literature? If you're interested, William, I can give you
> the lineup of PC board modules in the CPU which I briefly talked about
> earlier in the thread.

Sure, list away!

William Donzelli
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