slipping sticks

From: Mark Tapley <>
Date: Thu Feb 5 11:14:58 1998

>"Slipsticker"?!? I thought I was the last one! C'mon -- who else here has
>his old slide rule _and_ still remembers how to use it?

Yo! Right here in my desk drawer. Used this one through High School
(graduated 1980). The teachers cut me some slack on the 3rd digit from time
to time.

>No, I do not have _my_ high school/college slide rule, which was a
>magnificent 12" yellow aluminum Pickett with a hard leather case and a belt
>loop. ...
>Kip Crosby

Oooh, a pretty one. That's just like my "home system".

>I also use a E6B ... That one is in the plane as I'm absolutely certain
>it works as the calculator version of the E6B allways seems to need a
>new battery.

Right - and it's fast, and the readout is visible in any lighting condition
in the cockpit (if you can't read an E6B, navigation is *not* your main
problem!) and you can drop it about as far as you want and it'll be OK. I
have never used an electronic E6B, for all those reasons.

> I know of some people with
>700+ units. Me, I have 30, including a 7 foot long Pickett classroom rule.

Wow...I didn't think this thread would lead to massive array parallel
processing *or* supercomputing...but you never know! ;-)

                                                        - Mark
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