Slipsticks and calculators and a clock

From: Doug Coward <>
Date: Thu Feb 5 20:22:05 1998

><>My first one was the SR-10...the
><>"wedge". $110, IIRC....Was that TI's first?
 Allison wrote
>Not by a long shot. The first was in late '71 and went for about $140
>(8digit 4banger). I had one going into EE school.
Kip wrote:
>But that WAS the SR-10.

 I was reading through this quarter's issue of the International
Calculator Collector. (The cover story is about the 30th anniversary
of the world's first "pocket" calculator- TI's "Cal-Tech" prototype)
 They print an excerpt from Electronics magazine dated July 3,1972
that said that TI was test marketing their first calculator - The Datamath
in Dallas and Houston, selling for 149.99.
 Another excerpt from a TI press release dated September 21,1972
states "A line of three new calculators introduced today marks the
formal entry of Texas Instruments into the electronic calculator market.
The three new calculators are the TI-2500 portable calculator and the
TI-3000 and TI-3500 desk models."
  According to TI's calculator history page (Check out the TI-2500
DataMath came out in 1972. And the SR-10 came out in 1973.

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