Does anyone know what power supply the Hanimex Pencil II uses?

From: Scott McLauchlan <>
Date: Thu Feb 5 20:51:42 1998

I have recently bought a second-hand Pencil II computer. This machine was
made in the mid-eighties by Soundic Electronics. I have heard it was
distributed my Hanimex, although there's no indication of this on the
computer itself. Its microprocessor is an NEC Z80 clone, and it appears to
have 16Kb RAM. The case is light grey and black, with dark grey
alphanumeric keys and light grey cursor and function keys. Its BASIC comes
on a cartridge which is inserted in a slot in the top right-hand corner of
the unit. You can see a picture of it at
(the only mention of the machine I've found on the Web). Unfortunately I
do not have a power supply or any documentation for it. Could anyone tell
me what the pinouts for its power supply are (the power socket is a
four-pin DIN socket)?

Thanks in advance.


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