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>OK, well, about to enter high school, I've got this to say: 13 is for
>7th-8th grade, so it's 14 minimum for high school. There are, of course,
>exceptions, like in Kansas and Florida they enter school a year older, etc.

  Boing! Wrong! I'm in Florida and my daughter (14) is in high school
(9th grade). A lot depends on your birthdate. Here you have to be age 6
before Sept 1 to enter school that year. Anyone that has a birthday on Aug
29 would start school a year before someone else that has a birthdate of
Sept 2. Both of my kids have birthdays in late August and both are the
youngest kids in their classes.

    Also it's not uncommon for some of the very smart kids to skip a grade.
In that case they could enter high school a year before everyone else their
age. One of my daughter's friends skipped *two* years of elementary school
and started high school at age 12! She still carried a 4.0 average.


>Actually, here, in 7th grade, we've got 2 14 and one 15 year old(s). And,
>people ARE much smarter, but they didn't learn anything in school, if
>they're like me.
> (Sam alert...) ;-)
>Tim D. Hotze
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>> >>No, I do not have _my_ high school/college slide rule, which was a
>> >>magnificent 12" yellow aluminum Pickett with a hard leather case and a
>> >>loop. ...
>> Nice! Why have I never seen an aluminium slide rule?
>> Also, for the benefit of us non-Americans, what approximate age is "high
>> school"?
>The age range for highschool in the US is 13 - 19 (approx). You
>usually enter around 13 or 14, and finish four years later (older
>but in general, not much wiser). 8-P
>Present company exepted, of course . . . .
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