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> At 10:25 2/6/98 -0800, you wrote:
> >Here's an interesting tidbit. Apparently Data General made a line of
> >computers dubbed "The Digital Group". According to this entry in the
> >table, they were systems based on the Z-80, 8080A, 9080A, 6800 and 6502
> >processors; they had 2K of main memory; they used cassettes for storage.
> >Can anyone verify this?
> digital group (properly all-lc) had nothing to do with Data General. They
> were a fanatical mail-order vendor of their own micro and peripheral kits,
> led (the operative word) by a Dr. Robert Suding and located somewhere in
> Arizona (?) The computers had multiple processors for maximum software
> compatibility; the designs were arcane as hell, making the kits difficult
> to construct.
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Hi! Finally! I was waiting for long time to see that! I happen to
have the Digital Group boards. Not working far as I can
tell when I tried that on composite monitor.

What I have: uncased but I have keyboard for it, Z80 CPU with 2K
using 2112 ic's, I/O board, 8k board, video/tape board combo with
back plane. Oh, I happen to have an 32k static ram board that does
not work with that set according to my former owner. There are no
ASIC's just total TTL and few jelly beans LSI's in form of 24, 28 and
40 pins.

It's sitting in storage right now and what is best way to restore
this "historic computer"? My friend had it back in late '75 but
somehow he lost the data tape to "boot up" that DG. And no docs for
these set. :( If anyone have them, that would be great to digitize
them in! The sockets looked pretty badly oxidized which
looks like I have to swap them all with new ones. Augh!


Jason D.
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