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Date: Fri Feb 6 14:26:10 1998

At 01:20 PM 2/6/98 -0500, you wrote:
>< Aluminium galls too bad to use with aluminium against aluminium. and it
>I used to used a aircraft silicone lube on mine and cleaned it
>periodically. Otherwise it would bind annoyingly.
><been a lot of slide rules made of it. My MB_4 and EB-6 aircraft navigati
><slide rules are both built of it. My dad had an old (K&E ?) rule that's
><also aluminium.
>I may add that it depends on the alloy too.

    Very true. I meant to add that. It's also depends on the hardness of
the alloy. A lot of the newer alloys can be hardened and the hardening
greatly reduces their tendancy to gall.

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