From: Max Eskin <>
Date: Fri Feb 6 19:43:24 1998

I have to comment on a few things that have recently been posted here.
One is the addition of 37 books to a vintage library. How many books
do you people have? One would need a bill gates-type house to store all
of these old computers and books! I live in an apartment, and envy
who can- I am trying to sort out a few tens of manuals!
Incidentally, I have finally gotten permission to take old stuff from
a supply room in my school. I picked up Ventura Publisher 1.0, DOS 3.3
(I had an un-shrinkwrapping ceremony for that), and the PC XT manuals.
And, there is lots more stuff. Harvard Graphics, printer manuals, that
System/34 I mention every few weeks... What was the first publishing
program anyway? Also, how many different home/small office computers
been made, do you suppose? Now, it's just Intel and Mac :(
Lastly, I wanted to know if there was any place where I could actually
sit down at an old machine and play with it for half an hour, just to
the feel for it. P.S. How big was the IBM 370?

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