From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Fri Feb 6 21:52:14 1998

>I have to comment on a few things that have recently been posted here.
>One is the addition of 37 books to a vintage library. How many books
>do you people have? One would need a bill gates-type house to store all

It would depend on if you mean computer books, or books in general. For
computers the answer is probably 100's, for all books, 1000's. As for
storage, I've got a pair of 10x10 climate controlled storage units (the
climate control is for the ~10,000 comics).

>program anyway? Also, how many different home/small office computers
>been made, do you suppose? Now, it's just Intel and Mac :(

Not quite, there is still the Amiga, now owned by Gateway 2000. In fact
I'm in the process of upgrading my A3000 (almost a classic) with a HiRes
video board tonite. I bought the video board with the intention of putting
it in the _new_ Amiga I'm planning on getting in a couple months. Getting
new Amiga's is pretty easy. BTW the new Amiga's are supposed to be Dual
processor, a 680x0 and a PPC, which means the latest accelerators (which
have this setup) are worth getting.

You can also get new Atari clones, but it's hard.

>the feel for it. P.S. How big was the IBM 370?

When I worked on a Honeywell DPS-8 Mainframe in DC, the whole third floor
of the building was a IBM 370 floor. I believe they had five systems in
all. The fourth floor was a small VAX. The Honeywell was the mid-sized of
the three systems :^) and our floor was still probably more than half the
size of a basketball court. The 370 floor would have been the size of
about 5 basketball courts IIRC with several Terabytes of DASD! Of course
now you can get Auspex Fileservers that will hold over a Tb using off the
shelf hard drives.


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