Sun 3/50 and Shoebox

From: Frank McConnell <>
Date: Fri Feb 6 22:53:16 1998

"Richard A. Cini" <> wrote:
> I got a no-name "shoebox" drive for my Sun 3/50M workstation. It has a
> Maxtor 300mb SCSI hard drive and what appears to be a 60mb DC600 tape drive.
> After reading the Sun FAQ, I'm left clueless on how to get it to boot
> from the hard drive. The workstation that I got appears to have been a
> remote-boot type, because it looks for an Internet address at startup.


> Dirst off, how do I change the default boot device? Second, what are the
> appropriate SCSI device IDs for the hard drive and tape drive? Right now,
> they are set for tape:6, drive:4 (I remember from somewhere that the Suns
> look for a drive on ID=6).

Given that this is a Sun 3, I would re-set them for disk ID = 0 and
tape ID = 4. At that point, you should be able to get to the monitor
prompt by pressing L1-A (hold L1, press A) while it's trying to boot
from the network (or before) and typing "b sd(0,0,0)" to get it to
boot from disk, or "b st(0,0,0)" to get it to boot from tape. Oh yeah,
you need to press return after that ")", unless you want to pass some
arguments to the boot, in which case you should type them before you
press return (e.g. "b sd(0,0,0) -s" to boot single-user mode).

I don't recall exactly how to set the default boot device. Once you
have something bootable on the disk, you want to set the default
boot device to "sd(0,0,0)". This setting goes in the EEPROM, only
I don't remember exactly what locations to use. If you install
SunOS 4.1.1 there will be an "eeprom" command that will help you
to not remember too.

-Frank McConnell
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