Slipping sticks

From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Fri Feb 6 17:45:04 1998

On 4 Feb 98 at 13:03, Kip Crosby wrote:

> At 12:30 2/4/98 -0800, Don wrote:
> >With all of this dialogue about slide rules, I am appalled to note that
> >Pickett & Eckel is the only brand name mentioned. Am I the only person
> >to have been brought up with a Keuffel & Esser ivory covered mahogany
> >rule?
> Not quite "brought up with," but that's what I have now. It was originally
> my father's. Certainly I didn't mean to slight K+E, who made not only
> slipsticks, but exceptionally fine drafting tools of many kinds.
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I had a K+E in the early 50' s which I treasured so highly that I
wouldn't take it with me to my 1st year Science classes but used a
cheaper tho less accurate one. I inherited it from my brother , an
engineer who acquired it in the thirties. Long gone but to bring this
back on topic, I wouldn't give up my Atari for one.

ciao larry
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