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From: Bruce Lane <>
Date: Sun Feb 8 12:05:31 1998

        Looks like some good prices here. If anyone's interested, please
contac the original author directly.

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Subject: Some older DEC stuff forsale
Date: Sat, 07 Feb 98 20:05:51 GMT
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I have some older DEC equipment looking to clear out of the basement,
everything is in working order...

TU-58 DA external dual TU-58 drive $20 OBO

DECmate III with monitor $30 OBO

External RD52 MFM drive with cable $15 OBO

VT 1200 base unit only, 4 meg memory $50 OBO

DECstation 3100, no memory or drives. Has color framebuffer and SCSI
 adaptor, but missing the floppy $35 OBO

Prices do not include shipping.

-Keith S. Huff

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