New Amigas, Atari Clones

From: Captain Napalm <>
Date: Sun Feb 8 12:13:41 1998

It was thus said that the Great Zane H. Healy once stated:
> As for the Atari, the clones are coming out of Germany, and mainly targeted
> at the Music industry. The Atari's have built in Midi. I've a couple, and
> while the concept of their OS is very, very cool (it's all in ROM),

  They're not the only one with an OS in ROM. The Amiga has been known to
do that as well [1]. OS-9 [3] is also ROMable.

> I find
> it cumbersome to use. Probably the most fanatical computer user I've ever
> met is an Atari user, makes me look calm :^)

  You've never met an Amiga user, have you? 8-)

  -spc (A wolverine is a cuddly, friendly creature compared to the
        fanatical Amiga user ... )

[1] Which is why on my 3M Amiga 500 at home, after booting up, I
        still have 2.8M free [2]

[2] And running 12 background processes as well!

[3] A Unix-like OS originally written for the 6809 and available on the
        68000. I'm not sure if you can get it for other CPUs though.
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