New Amigas, Atari Clones

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Sun Feb 8 14:19:39 1998

>OK... where can I get the Atari clones? is the main site for Atari
links. Beware it's a Geo-Atrocities site, and personally I recommend
Geo-Atrocities all together. They were bad enough before they started
popping advertisments up all over your machine.

> It's hard to believe that they're's anyone more emotional than a Mac
>fanatic... anyway... please give me more info. Also, how much will it cost

Well, I'm a fanatical Mac, Amiga and Linux user, and the guy I'm talking
about takes the cake. As for cost, even a used Atari is incredibly
expensive. About the best price I've seen on TT030's or Falcons is $500+.
If you want to get an Atari, I'd recommend getting a Falcon. Comparing two
stock systems the TT030 is faster, but the Falcon has the better graphics,
and it looks to be easier to accelerate a Falcon than to add a graphics
card to a TT030 (I've got a TT030).


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