VMS distribution?

From: John Foust <jfoust_at_threedee.com>
Date: Mon Feb 9 10:15:08 1998

allisonp_at_world.std.com (Allison J Parent) wrote:
><If only there was a mechanism to persuade companies to allow such hobby
><use of archaic software.
>OpenVMS archaic? It's a current product and definatly a high end OS
>and it includs DECnet networking.

Heaven forbid I ever insult anyone's choice of OS. :-) The gist of my
comments still stands, and I think it's highly appropriate to this
list: without an established mechanism for the preservation of the
rights of old software, or some process of stewardship of archaic
software, computer collectors are often violating the copyrights
of others.

Joe <rigdonj_at_intellistar.net> wrote:
>If you have the original disk then that is normally considered proof
>that you have a legal copy of the software.

I can argue with that. What about upgrades? If bought XYZ v1.0,
then paid a special price to upgrade to v2.0, I don't have two copies.
Technically, the company doesn't allow you to resell v1.0 as its
own package. It's true of many of today's packages, and I'm sure
it's true of any old mainframe/mini OS license, too.

- John
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