Lisa 2/10 question

From: John R. Keys Jr. <>
Date: Mon Feb 9 21:34:52 1998

Here Lisa's non-working go for free to $20 most of the time $5. Hope this
helps. John Keep Computing !!
At 01:48 PM 2/9/98 +0930, you wrote:
>I was just offered a Lisa 2/10, which I will happily accept. I do have
>the 2/5 but the second would be nice, albiet a tad greedy. :) However he
>wants me to name my own price, and said that it wasn't working.
>Apparantly the self test and stuff works, but it doesn't boot up - I
>assume this to be a problem with the hard drive, but imagine that it
>could be something else. Does the 2/10 have the battery problem found on
>the 2/5, and is this particular error the sort of thing that can be
>repaired given that it does start? I had imagined that a serious error
>would not allow it to start at all. :) If it can't be easily fixed I'll
>probably buy it anyway, but I don't want to offer too much (as I have
>almost no money) but I definitly want to save it.
>Thanks heaps,
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