Short Q (NOT!) on thinkpad 700 series.

From: Aaron Christopher Finney <>
Date: Mon Feb 9 22:03:38 1998

Actually, Win95 runs fine, with the exception of PCMCIA support. If you
don't mind using dos PCMCIA drivers, you're fine. Although I believe that
the 700c will only run in 16 colours under Windows. We still use a couple
of those rugged little 720's as portable scanning units with W95/pcmcia
scsi adapters; you can't beat the warranty or the return service!


On Mon, 9 Feb 1998 wrote:

> thinkpad 700 and 720x are mca thinkpads. had a 3 year warranty and dont share
> any parts with any other thinkpad. of course, windont95 wont work on them,
> although linux probably would since it's been coaxed to work on other mca
> boxes.
> david
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