Contex-30 electromechanical calculator

From: Andrew Davie <>
Date: Tue Feb 10 05:40:26 1998

Recent postings about old calculating machines and their operation has
prompted me to fire up a web page with some information on my Contex-30
electromechanical calculator. For now I have some images up and have
transcribed the operating instructions on the back.
I am sure many of you will be stunned by how division is performed on this
device; in any case, I welcome comments on the page, the calculator, and
the idea of creating a museum for my other calculating devices.
Myself, I collect precisely this sort of wierd technology. Boy, they sure
don't make them like THAT anymore. Thank goodness :)

Please visit

    Wierd Computing Machines

Andrew Davie

PS: You may also like to visit my other two sites..

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