Short Q (NOT!) on thinkpad 700 series.

From: Aaron Christopher Finney <>
Date: Tue Feb 10 01:59:18 1998

Sorry, my mistake. I forgot that the 700 is sans pcmcia. The 720's have 2
card slots, which will only work with dos drivers. I used an Adaptec
(Trantor) parallel scsi on it, with some difficulties. Beware the parallel
ports on these; I have been through some trying times with various
scsi/network adapters only to be told by the manufacturers that their
products did not support this series' "non-standard" ports. Do any IBM
guru's out there know how this port differs from the "standard"?

On Tue, 10 Feb 1998 wrote:

> Aaron, are you sure it supports PCMCIA? This notebook has none, it's
> so old and still in MCA age. :)
> Jason D.
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> Pero, Jason D.
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