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From: Larry Anderson & Diane Hare <>
Date: Tue Feb 10 20:41:31 1998

From: Sam Ismail <>
Subject: More books added to the library

>One finds the best stuff at thrift stores. Check out what I found today:

>The Anatomy of the 1541 Disk Drive
>By Abacus Software, 1984
>ISBN: 0-916439-01-1

>It contains a full description of the file system, the file structure, the
>file commands, and also has a full 6502 assembler listing for the drive's
>ROM! Very cool. This book apparently also came with a "Test/Demo" disk
>but the programs are printed in the book so they can be duplicated. What
>a treasure.

   If I recall correctly the book also describes tha basics of coding
your own fast drive access routines (fast loader, etc.) which is mighty


  Somewhat Classic Computer related was my acquisition of a Color
QuickCam for my Mac, I know it isn't even near 10 years old but it is
worthy to mention for its almost instant imaging capabilities... The
thing has a range of 1" to infinity (you can zoom in on the numbers
printed on tops of chips and have them readable!) So now I have to
clear the piles of papers away from a corner so I can use the cam to do
shots of some of my equipment (like a better picture of the P-500, etc.)

  To give you an idea of the detail I am extolling, check out this pic I
put on-line for you to see for yourself:

  The pictue is of a 12/24 edge connector (.156" spacing), a Commodore
monitor connector and the top of a 6510 microprocessor DIP chip. (best I
could do in a couple minutes of scrounging.

  Note this is 'medium size' and the resolution can go up to 640x400.

  The real bummer to it is I don't think I can get it to work on my
Commodores,also it's leash (interface cable) is 6'long... :/

                            Larry Anderson
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