I did it AGAIN!

From: will emerson <wpe_at_interserv.com>
Date: Tue Feb 10 20:49:38 1998

AAAAccck! IMSMR, there was a way to do it, but I'll have to go through 30 +
boxes in my basement t' dig out my manuals an' double check... Is this using the
ol' TOPS-20 MS program?


Daniel A. Seagraves wrote:

> Is there a command to make TOPS-20 kill something from the mail queue BEFORE
> it gets sent? That's really aggrivating(sp?) when you see so_at_and.so#Internet -- Queued and you realize that's NOT the intended reciever, and it sits in the
> queue for awhile before getting sent, and theoretically you COULD stop it but
> I can't figure out how...
> Go ahead and (all but Sam) disregard that!
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