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From: Bruce Lane <kyrrin2_at_wizards.net>
Date: Wed Feb 11 20:04:31 1998

        I used to feel very antagonistic towards recyclers, since I saw them
as greedy sharks that would cheerfully smash any type of electronic
equipment or component, no matter how potentially useful, just for a few
cents worth of gold.

        While I don't doubt that there are some who are like that, it strikes
me that they're likely only out there to make a living like the rest of
us. With that in mind, I think establishing positive relationships are
much more constructive.

        I've attached a post from a recycler. He may or may not be willing to
sell useful and undamaged parts as well. Those who are interested, please
contact him directly.
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>>Learn to recycle gold. Old circuit boards, IC Chips, jewelry, etc.. can =
>>be recycled and sold again. I will buy them. If you would like more =
>>information visit my web site.=20

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