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From: William Donzelli <william_at_ans.net>
Date: Thu Feb 12 18:04:39 1998

> I used to feel very antagonistic towards recyclers, since I saw them
> as greedy sharks that would cheerfully smash any type of electronic
> equipment or component, no matter how potentially useful, just for a few
> cents worth of gold.
> While I don't doubt that there are some who are like that, it strikes
> me that they're likely only out there to make a living like the rest of
> us. With that in mind, I think establishing positive relationships are
> much more constructive.
Yes, some of them really are good eggs. Some, however, are not. If you
want some fairly straight information, deal with the refineries directly -
many have a setup charge, then take out a small percentage (a few percent)
of what they recover.

I once had a TWO different scrap gold dealers offer me $10 to $15 per
pound for some scrap. The refineries value that same scrap over $100 per

William Donzelli
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