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> The book is _The Door into Summer_ and while admittedly the story has
> become a bit dated (there wasn't a limited nuclear war in 1970 and
> suspended animation _still_ hasn't hit the market), it is definitely
> still a damned good read. In many instances, the proposed inventions
> have been vastly superceded by the PC revolution -- a "Drafting Dan"
> model would be no match for several shareware CAD systems I've used,
> let alone AutoCAD. And of course we have much better equipment than
> "Thorsen memory tubes". The trouble with the proposed automatic
> housecleaning equipment has been the fact that even when vacuuming
> the floor, the decision tree can be humongous. Still, having fairly
> recently reread the book, I've gotton a few fresh ideas. Trouble is
> that I'm not half the hardware hacker I need to be, especially when it
> comes to the mechanical side.
> I highly recommend the book, but then again I highly recommend almost
> everything Heinlein ever wrote. Heinlein's influence probably did
> more to interest me in mathematics and technology (including computers)
> than any other thing in my youth, and thus directly got me into this
> mailing list. I'm still trying to figure out how to tie all of these
> incompatible machines together to come up with something comparable to
> Mycroft Holmes.
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> Ward Griffiths
> Dylan: How many years must some people exist,
> before they're allowed to be free?
> WDG3rd: If they "must" exist until they're "allowed",
> they'll never be free.
Heinlein's books are very pretty good SCI-Fiction and I have did read
many of them but I did not read this book you have have shown us.
Funny, some of them were written very close to 50s-60s technologies
level and used in a way that even basic readers can feel comfortable
understanding but "totally hi-techy" and very few books that he
wrote did say or used computers or automations I think.

Jason D.

/*bit off topic,
Oh, quick Q got or know anyone with a AMI Baby Voyager serie 39
486dx only motherboard? This needs bios image of it, this had no
bios cuz some scum removed em before I got ahold of it. I have
contacted AMI and they wanted $40USD for this set and requires credit
card back on topic*/
Pero, Jason D.
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