disk equals license

From: Mike Allison <mallison_at_konnections.com>
Date: Fri Feb 13 00:28:58 1998

Uncle Roger wrote:
> Here's a question... Let's say my friend, who has a legal copy of xyz
> software, buys the upgrade version of xyz 2.0. He installs it, it checks
> for the previous version, and all is right with the world. He then gives
> me his old xyz 1.0 disks. I install it, purchase the upgrade, etc.
> Who (if anyone) is wrong?
> Now, let's say, we've both upgraded, and I give him back his original
> disks. Am I now a pirate? Was I a pirate before? Or was he the pirate
> before?

You're wrong (in this case) You stole the upgrade from the company
because you didn't have the right to the upgrade. Then you stole the
upgrade. You now have a free copy running on your machine.

You didn't pay for the original disks (not a crime) but the SINGLE
entitlement to the upgrade was already used. You have no further right
to upgrade....

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