IBM PC-Junior

From: Olminkhof <>
Date: Fri Feb 13 02:09:50 1998

If you found this in Australia with a 240v power supply, this is a unique
computer. I don't think the "PC Junior" was ever sold outside the US.

Most of the design was however later used by IBM Japan, and sold in
Australia as the PC JX. It is probably very similar but had a different
monitor and a different looking case.

PC JX's are fairly common here as they were used in schools etc, but on the
other hand they may be disappearing. I think they are classic computers and

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From: Andrew Davie <>
To: Discussion re-collecting of classic computers
Date: Friday, 13 February 1998 14:47
Subject: IBM PC-Junior

>"some IBM PC Junior pieces (a monitor, printer, cpu, keyboard). last time
>plugged it in, it worked"
>I would appreciate some info; I don't knnow anything about this one.
>Should I grab it, and if so, what is a fair price? Ie: is it scarce, do i
>want it.
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