disk equals license

From: Bill Girnius <thedm_at_sunflower.com>
Date: Fri Feb 13 03:21:48 1998

I Must dissagree. The person who willfully sell's the product and surrenders
the original's to you has transferred the license. It is the original
purchaser who is wrong. He has obligated himself at that point to remove
the software from his machine, or he shouldn't have sold the license in the
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Date: Friday, February 13, 1998 12:24 AM
Subject: Re: disk equals license

>Uncle Roger wrote:
>> Here's a question... Let's say my friend, who has a legal copy of xyz
>> software, buys the upgrade version of xyz 2.0. He installs it, it checks
>> for the previous version, and all is right with the world. He then gives
>> me his old xyz 1.0 disks. I install it, purchase the upgrade, etc.
>> Who (if anyone) is wrong?
>> Now, let's say, we've both upgraded, and I give him back his original
>> disks. Am I now a pirate? Was I a pirate before? Or was he the pirate
>> before?
>You're wrong (in this case) You stole the upgrade from the company
>because you didn't have the right to the upgrade. Then you stole the
>upgrade. You now have a free copy running on your machine.
>You didn't pay for the original disks (not a crime) but the SINGLE
>entitlement to the upgrade was already used. You have no further right
>to upgrade....
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