MORE Freebies! Come and get 'em!

From: Bruce Lane <>
Date: Sat Feb 14 18:19:30 1998

OK, more freebies! What can I say? I really need the space. ;-)

        Once again, LOCAL PICKUP ONLY, KENT, WA (Near Seattle). There's no way I
have the resources to ship this stuff.

        1). At least 20 RL02 disk packs, one of which is the DEC Diagnostics kit
for VAX11/730 and 750. There's also an RL02-based distribution kit for the
VMS 5.4 upgrade, still in sealed boxes, with the license PAK and release
notes. I also saw some RT11 ver. 5.1 packs.

        2). A pair of RL02 disk drives, installed in a mini-rack. I'm keeping the
Micro PDP-11/73 that was in the same rack, but I'll throw in the QBus RL

        There may be some documentation I'll pass on as well -- I'll decide that
when whoever comes by to get the stuff does so.

        Drop me an E-mail if you're interested and we'll set up a date. Thanks in

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