hamfest finds

From: Mike Allison <mallison_at_konnections.com>
Date: Sat Feb 14 18:09:58 1998

The only thing I ever knew ran on these was a special version of AT&T
Unix. It was a great PC, though. Had a built in phone, modem, and a
full UNIX distro.

I think the monitor was a monographics type, sorta like hercules.

Either computer shopper or byte did an article on them back when they
came out. They were Marketed as the ATT 7300 Unix PC, as I recall.

Lemme know if two is more than you need ... ; - >


Joe wrote:
> Hi, I just got back from a hamfest. Found two brand new in the box full
> height Tandon floppy drives for the IBM PC. Rich, do you want one?
> I also bought two AT&T 3B1 computers without keyboards or monitors. Does
> anyone know if the keyboard and monitor from a AT&T 6300 will work on them?
> Or where I can find a monitor and keyboard? Also need any advice about
> how to get these up and running. What are all the ports for? etc
> Joe
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