From: Joe <rigdonj_at_intellistar.net>
Date: Sun Feb 15 22:35:29 1998

The hamfest is finally over. Whew, am I glad to be home! I checked the
AT&Ts closer. They're not 3B1s. They're 3B2s! Anybody know anything about
them? I found a little info at the Obselete Computer museum at

  BTW what is a DEC PA 90 disk drive? I turned one down. It's the
biggest fixed disk I've ever seen! It makes a Seagate 506 look like a toy!


At 06:06 PM 2/14/98, you wrote:
> I also bought two AT&T 3B1 computers without keyboards or monitors. Does
>anyone know if the keyboard and monitor from a AT&T 6300 will work on them?
> Or where I can find a monitor and keyboard? Also need any advice about
>how to get these up and running. What are all the ports for? etc
> Joe
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