From: Mike Allison <mallison_at_konnections.com>
Date: Sun Feb 15 23:55:42 1998


3b2 might be even better. They were going for 300 to 1500 back in '90
when I was messing with them

A good page (with pics and some data) is:


I can't seem to get to any of the referenced faq pages.


Joe wrote:
> The hamfest is finally over. Whew, am I glad to be home! I checked the
> AT&Ts closer. They're not 3B1s. They're 3B2s! Anybody know anything about
> them? I found a little info at the Obselete Computer museum at
> "http://s.ecc.engr.uky.edu/~morgan/3b2/3b2faq.html".
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