BBC Model B - video help

From: Andrew Davie <>
Date: Mon Feb 16 01:30:08 1998

No, we're talking rock-steady picture, but garbled
If the cursor is at the bottom 1/2 of the (logical) screen, you NEVER see
what you're typing
If its at the top half, you see about 20x what you're typing.
Its definitely not a TV adjustment problem.
Thanks, though!

>Hi Andrew:
>Here is what I would look for and try to adjust --- Horizontal
>This sounds like it is some multiple of the desired (for the monitor)
>rate. That's what's getting the multiple images across the width of the
>Also (maybe first, but definitely in conjunction with the above) look
>for 'Vertical' frequency/lock. This one is what is getting you multiple
>images in the vertical direction. Memory says that the adjustment is
>"roll down (image) and just return the adjustment the other direction
>till it locks in place."
>The 'horizontal lock' is a much courser adjustment.
>(This is all standard TV/Monitor adjustment stuff. If anyone has any
>specific advice different from this, by all means, give it a try.)
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