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From: Charles A. Davis <"cad>
Date: Mon Feb 16 11:07:36 1998

Andrew Davie wrote:
> No, we're talking rock-steady picture, but garbled
> If the cursor is at the bottom 1/2 of the (logical) screen, you NEVER see
> what you're typing
> If its at the top half, you see about 20x what you're typing.
> Its definitely not a TV adjustment problem.
> Thanks, though!
> Andrew
> >Hi Andrew:
> >Here is what I would look for and try to adjust --- Horizontal
> >frequency.
> >This sounds like it is some multiple of the desired (for the monitor)
> >rate. That's what's getting the multiple images across the width of the
> >screen.
> >Also (maybe first, but definitely in conjunction with the above) look
> >for 'Vertical' frequency/lock. This one is what is getting you multiple
> >images in the vertical direction. Memory says that the adjustment is
> >"roll down (image) and just return the adjustment the other direction
> >till it locks in place."
> >The 'horizontal lock' is a much courser adjustment.
> >
> >(This is all standard TV/Monitor adjustment stuff. If anyone has any
> >specific advice different from this, by all means, give it a try.)

Hi Andrew:
The display 'seeming' to be "rock steady", doesn't prohibit the sweep
frequencies being wrong by a 'multiple' of what they should be.

Find the adjustments, mark where they are at for now, and try some
adjustments. If it doesn't help, then back to where they were and your
no worse off.


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